• It appears as if all the hernia surgeons, that do no mesh hernia repair, thus far listed do not take insurance. I’ve noticed this business model appearing to be much more prevalent, particularity after the pandemic. Dog I believe you would have significantly more options and better access to a no mesh repair if you would reconsider “paying out…[Read more]

  • G replied to the topic I am back ..need your advice in the forum Hernia Discussion 4 weeks ago

    Hi dog. First off I want to thank you for recommending Dr. Brown after your hernia repair. I followed your lead and had my hernia repaired by him shortly before he retired. It was the best medical experience I ever had and everything went well. Like you my repair has held up very well and I workout with weights and run like I did previously.…[Read more]

  • What I find fascinating isn’t whether mesh or non mesh pays more, rather instead why there is a commonality among many pure tissue only surgeons to opt out of the insurance realm altogether. In the case of pure tissue surgeon Dr. Petersen his business is actually named “No Insurance Inc”. In the case of Dr. Kang many posters on this site have…[Read more]

  • cpk303 Thanks for you excellent explanation of why pure tissue no mesh repairs are so difficult to find in the USA. It would seem that “no insurance” surgeons like Dr. Petersen who does no mesh pure tissue repairs and removes mesh is doing well in Nevada. The two options I gleaned from your excellent post are in order to make a living as a no…[Read more]

  • cpk303 Congratulations! I’m glad you went with a pure tissue no mesh repair. I had a pure tissue no mesh repair done by Dr. Brown shortly before he retired. I’m completely satisfied with it and haven’t had any problems. It was good that you got the surgery done before Dr. Kang retired as so few (if any) pure tissue specialists are left. It…[Read more]

  • Good Intentions, business models are an interesting topic for me. So far the mesh, tobacco and breakfast cereal industries have been touched upon. I’d like to add another one that I find fascinating. The light bulb industry, notably the Phoebus Cartel. Apparently in the early 1900s a world wide group of light bulb manufacturers got together to…[Read more]

  • Watchful it’s interesting that you point out Dr. Kang is the last one doing Marcy like pure tissue repairs. He will retire as all doctors do. When? Who knows. Then according to your observation no one will be doing them. It seems the unwitting consumer has brought this unfortunate demise upon themselves. This lack of choice. It reminds me…[Read more]

  • Watchful my hernia was rather large and getting larger every day. I would attribute that from continuing to workout and run along with waiting. I needed to wait years to get on Medicare and off my employer provided healthcare. With Medicare I could pick my own doctor, a no mesh doctor like Dr. Brown.

  • ajm222 I remember Dr. Brown saying the sutures would dissolve. That was about three years ago. I’m almost seventy years old now. People at the gym think I’m in my fifties. I lift weights and exercise six days a week while working a full time job. On Sunday I walk for about an hour. It’s good to take it easy one day a week. Dr. Brown gave me…[Read more]

  • Watchful I had a Marcy or Marcy type repair, no Desarda. Since I had an indirect inguinal hernia a Marcy repair made the most sense. If I had a direct inguinal hernia a Desarda would be more appropriate. All the best with your recovery Watchful.

  • I had pure tissue repair with Dr. Brown before he retired. Part of the protocol with Dr. Brown was taking a recommendation of vitamins and herbs before and after the surgery. If memory serves me right Dr. Brown credited Dr. Towfigh with her expertise and knowledge regarding including these herbs and vitamins. Dr. Brown did an excellent job of…[Read more]

  • Hi Chuck. I have a few minutes before work so I will try to answer your questions. I went with Dr. Brown as he was well recommended by past patients and a consistent quest speaker and contributor to this forum. He was anti-mesh and did pure tissue repair only. He also was sought after as a mesh removal surgeon. I never had mesh implanted so…[Read more]

  • Hi Watchful. Actually by the size of the hernia and the location of the bulge I thought I had a direct hernia not an indirect. When Dr. Brown diagnosed it as an indirect hernia not a direct I was pleasantly relieved. An indirect is usually easier to fix than a direct. I happily blurted out “a Marcy repair?” and he answered in the affirmative.…[Read more]

  • I had an indirect hernia for quite a few years and did my due diligence and research before having surgery. I decided against mesh and opted for a pure tissue repair. This forum was very valuable as a resource tool as it provided me with a short list of surgeons adept at “the ancient art” of no mesh pure tissue repair. Dr. Brown, Dr. Kang, Dr.…[Read more]

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