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  • My key criteria for reputation is 1) patient satisfaction, and 2) respect among their peers. I’m not really concerned with which procedure they use in this particular post, just those two things. I feel like two surgeons can perform a particular method, with one doing it very well, and the other not so well. There are potentially a lot of criteria…[Read more]

  • I’ve narrowed down my choices for inguinal hernia repair surgeons, and I’d love to get your opinion on which surgeon you would go to for surgery or send a loved one? I’m familiar with the differences in their approaches. I’d just like to know who do you think has the most stellar reputation among the names below? Hopefully (?) there will be enough…[Read more]

    • Hi Jon. Who did you end up picking and how did it go? I’ve met both Novitsky and Jacob’s, and when I asked them who they’d see (other than a partner) for their own hernia both immediately said David Chen, it was uncanny, apparently he is like Yoda.

  • I would like to know from the expertise of this forum, who are regarded as the top inguinal hernia surgeons (both mesh and non mesh) in the world. Who are the gurus, the surgeon’s surgeons? Presumably, they would have consistently positive outcomes and and patient satisfaction. I would like this list so I can research each one, talk to ones that…[Read more]

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