• I talked to multiple doctors who told me that they would only do my inguinal repair under general. Their reasoning was that my abdomen would still be able to flex and move while I was sedated with local, and that could be disastrous in the middle of the surgery. However, I went with Dr.Brown and it was done under local with no issues. It can…[Read more]

  • I was also very concerned about what I would do if there was a complication, and my family even more so. My surgery was on a Wednesday morning, and I left on the following Sunday morning. I did ask Dr.Brown about what could go wrong after I left, and he said that in all his years he had only had 1 patient where something came up that required…[Read more]

  • It’s been a little over 6 weeks now since my surgery. Things are improving steadily. Only a slight discomfort when I sneeze or cough now, and I can do day to day activities without any pain at all. I’m exercising but not doing anything that stresses my core muscles. So far so good.

  • It’s been 6 days now, and my recovery is going slow but steady. The surgery with Dr.Brown went well so far as I can tell, but it will be months before I can evaluate it’s success. I’ll just say that Dr. Brown and the staff of the surgical center were very professional. I have no regrets about choosing to travel to get a no mesh surgery there.…[Read more]

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