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  • Thank you Dr Brown for the courtesy of your reply. I would say my pain is above my inguinal ligaments, never actually in the thigh. I would also say that it is about halfway up my pubic bone bilaterally, slightly below hairline and tends to radiate upward to the top of the pubic bone and hairline. Although when at its worse it can effect the…[Read more]

  • Dear Dr Brown,

    As always thank you for your prompt response

    The 5 options included second opinions and what I saw on the internet. The options include:

    1. simple suture reattachment of fibrocartilageneous aponeurotic pre pubic plate to pubic tubercle and body periosteum with non absorbable 3-0 ethic, 3 on each side and adductor longus…[Read more]

  • Can anyone tell me whether it is dangerous to place sutures into the periosteum of the pubic bone for a sports hernia repair. Will this be a source of permanent pain? I have sports hernia/athletic publagia and one surgeon is proposing repairing it by reattaching aponeurotic plate with sutures to periosteum of pubic tubercle and pubic bone

  • Joseph posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    does anyone have an opinion whether it is safe to place non absorbable stitches into the periosteum presumably 3-0 ethic in order to reattach avulsed aponeurotic plate back to pubic bone

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