• Dear Dr. Towfigh,
    I have a questions in regards to the topic of fertility in which I relates to sex and masturbation after mesh removal surgery. How long after abdominal mesh removal do you tell your patients that it is ok to engage in sex or masturbation? Can it effect healing at all?

  • Hello Dr Towfigh,
    Thank you so much for the reply. So the small hernia which he found through the open incision was apparently sutured with PDS dissolvable sutures but I don’t know how good this will be long term? I also didn’t question but wondered why he was not able to detect the hernia with the robot when the doctor was inside in the fir…[Read more]

  • Hello ajm222

    I am having the same exact issues as you although I also had vertical cut above the belly over old incision which was causing pain. Although my mesh was put in both openly, the doctor who removed it said he felt comfortable removing it robotically. From the open above incision he saw a small hernia that he sutures with dissolvable…[Read more]

  • And I know others have always said mesh should be removed the same way it was put in, but my doctor felt to remove it /Laprascopic/robotically and on op report it says he removed scar tissue but he did not think it was related to the mesh (which I respectfully want to disagree because I only developed the adhesions due to all the scar tissue that…[Read more]

  • Hello All,
    I am new to this discussion group.
    I had 2 umbilical meshes removed 6 weeks ago robotically with 4 trocar sites on the left of abdomen and an additional vertical incision at the top of the belly. I had combination of bad technique/ inexperienced doctor put in the mesh and ever since I had very painful scar tissue and incision looked…[Read more]

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