• I had a previous inguinal hernia repair on the right groin about 15 years ago which went very well. In June, I was diagnosed with an ultra sound test, a Spigelian hernia in the right side which was was small. It had been giving me more steady pain as time went on and that was the reason I needed it repaired. This surgery was in early August.…[Read more]

  • Can scar tissue from a hernia that has been repaired 3 times build up after about 13 years build up and feel like a recurrent hernia?

    Thank you

  • The pain I had started gradually immediately after the constipation. The pain is mostly on the right side of the right testicle. The pain may radiate a little higher and sometimes I can feel it on the right flank a little. (Hopefully I am describing it correctly). It seems like it helps to stand up when there is some pain sitting down and…[Read more]

  • Dear Dr. Towfigh,

    I had a hernia repair with mesh that failed in 2001 and then it was redone laparoscopically in 2007. I had some scar tissue that was removed a couple of times back in 2008 and 2009. Recently I have had some right sided groin pain that seems to radiate to by right side and around to the kidney area. I am not sure this…[Read more]

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