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    Thank you both for the helpful advice. I have emailed Stephen Kwon and hope to hear from him soon. I may consider a consult with Dr. Towfigh if I do not hear back from Stephen Kwon in the next few days. I am also open to contacting Biohernia and the Desarda Clinic. One thing I am sure of is that I do not want mesh…[Read more]

  • Hello all. After reading various members reviews of Dr. Kang and Gibbeum Hospital, I am considering having surgery with Dr. Kang. I am not interested in laparoscopic mesh repair, which is the only option I have here in California. What is the best way to contact Dr. Kang and schedule surgery with him? I would appreciate anyone’s advice.

  • cpk303, I read your post with great interest. First of all, I hope you are recovering well post surgery. I was recently diagnosed with direct left inguinal hernia, there is a small reducible bump in my left groin, but no pain. I am also considering traveling to Korea to have Dr. Kang perform my surgery. According to Dr. Towfigh and various posts,…[Read more]

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    Hi all. I have recently been diagnosed with a left inguinal hernia. During my surgical consultation, the surgeon simply noted the lump on my left groin and confirmed my hernia. I asked if any other diagnostic tests were needed and he said no since he could see the bump. Unfortunately, the only option offered by this surgeon is laparoscopic hernia…[Read more]

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