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  • Hi William,
    When are you planning to go? You will definitely need good health travel insurance. They are not to expensive .I am planning to go to Dr Kang hopefully in July latest in August . I don’t think you need any specific vaccinations for South Korea . I was looking into it but didn’t find anything on it. Maybe Mike M might help you as hew…[Read more]

  • Chuck I get that your situation is very complex maybe you could contact Dr Towfigh she specialise in very complex issues like yours . I think you can even do online appointment with her first . That might be really helpful to you .

  • Chuck I have never said it’s an easy operation at all . I feel very sorry for you that you are in this situation! It must be very hard for you . However I at some point you will have to make a decision whether you will take the mesh out or leave it . None of these options are perfect but that’s all you have at the moment . There is quite a bit of…[Read more]

  • Hi Chuck ,
    I have seen lots of post from you and I can see you feel very helpless and angry . I myself probably might need lap mesh op for my femoral hernia which I really would like to avoid ! Anyhow there is lots of ppl with great experience in lap mesh ! I understand you are based in USA . You have lots of great surgeons that can operate on you…[Read more]

  • Hi Dr Kang ,
    Thank you for explaining that to me . I am considering coming to South Korea very soon for the operation. Do you perform any exploratory ultrasounds before the operation to rule out any other potential missed hernias (occult hernias ). I have one left femoral hernia that is 7mm and an inguinal hernia on my right side 6mm that…[Read more]

  • Dr Kang ,
    I understand you don’t perform McVay technique as it’s more complicated and carries more risk to the artery and vain. Could you please write how do you perform the femoral hernia procedure to minimise any recurrence as well? Also do you perform abdominal wall strengthening technique to treat all the hernia rings so that an inguinal her…[Read more]

  • Hi Mike T , thank you for this very detailed information . I am actually overwhelmed how everyone on here is so helpful .I’ll will definitely contact Shouldice hospital. I am worried as from what I have been reading famoral hernias are complicated and have higher risk of complications during and after operation . On top of that it’s an unc…[Read more]

  • Dr Kang , could you please tell me how do you perform the famoral repair with your method? Is it a tension repair?

  • Thank you so much for your information Dr Kang . Do you think tissue repair is a good choice for famoral hernia?

    @ Mark T , thanks again for being so very helpful ! Having 4 hernias it’s actually super scary at the moment I truly don’t know why as I am 39 year old very slim non smoker non drinker women , and I just don’t understand how this…[Read more]

  • Hi Mark T,
    Thank you so much for the info. I just contacted Dr Kang as well . How long did you wait for response from their hospital?

  • Hi Thunder Rose,
    Sorry to bother you again however I am in a bit of emergency situation as on top of my inguinal and umbilical hernia they now found a famoral hernia as well! I have been looking for any info on famoral hernia but can’t find much . I know you were preparing for eventuality of your hernia being famoral hernia. Did you ever c…[Read more]

  • Dr Towfigh , I have four hernias one is epigastric hernia 3mm x4mm, umbilical hernia 1cm, inguinal hernia 6mm and now they found a famoral hernia 8mm . This is very distressing to me. I am very slim, non drinker , non smoker , whole life vegetarian 39 years old women .I am not sure why I am getting all this hernias . You have mention few times…[Read more]

  • Dr Towfigh and Dr Kang ,
    Could you please advice what sort of tissue repair can be performed on famoral hernia?? I just discover I have a fourth hernia which is famoral hernia 8mm in size and needs to be operated fast as there is high risk of strangulation with this hernias . Please could you help me with informing me which method of operation is…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone,
    Dose anyone on here know if you can have surgery on femoral hernia with Desarda , Shouldice or Bassini method ? Dose it work like on inguinal hernia?
    Would really appreciate any info with this .

  • Thanks, I am truly hoping that somehow the person who was doing the ultrasound was wrong and MRI might be better .

  • I am in Australia . I might try MRI for the famously hernia . Probably silly of me but I am hoping that just maybe they have made a mistake on ultrasound .Wow six hernias that’s a lot, but the way I am going I might just get there which is terrifying.

  • I actually thought the same as you do .I am doing all the exercises that should be helpful in theory .I also take collagen supplements in hope that this might somewhat help . My epigastric hernia got smaller and the lump is soft not hard anymore so that’s really great . However my umbilical hernia hurts now and I’ve got a fourth one . I am act…[Read more]

  • Could anyone advice which method works better/ is more accurate for discovering hernias?

  • Thanks William , my anxiety is thru the roof to be honest . I just don’t get it how is this even possible . One women had post operative incisional hernia she actually had 2 of these same size and the doctors said if they would operate on here the chances for the hernia to come back is big so she wasn’t the best candidate for operation . The oth…[Read more]

  • Hi William and Mike,
    I actually can’t believe they now found a 4th hernia ! Very upsetting I guess this means there must be something wrong with my collagen production? I am more worried now as femoral hernia have much higher chance of strangulation I also don’t know anything about them, which repair would be best etc. Mike you had your umb…[Read more]

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