• Alephy,

    The answer for your question is different depending on where you are now but here is some general knowledge that we have:

    1) Tissue repairs are dependent on the tissue you are repairing for durability. In many of the cases I do tissue quality for repair is proportional or at least related to the size of the hernia but not always. As…[Read more]

  • Brunog

    There are a lot of factors that go into it as why someone might recur after mesh removal. In my experience we have not had issues with recurrence after removal. Most often we remove the mesh and reconstruct with a tissue repair plus or minus a reinforced biologic augmentation. We have not seen this repair recur to date.

    Dr. Szotek

  • Alephy,

    In my experience patients should be able to return to normal activity with either open or MIS (lap/robo) repair. That being said I have not seen a correlation between type of activity and developing chronic pain. Return to normal activity can often take longer in some patients with open repairs in our experience. If you are concerned…[Read more]

  • Brunog

    Thanks for your question. I often remove mesh open and via the DaVinci robot. Can you elaborate further on “nerve damage”?

    Often when we remove mesh anteriorly through open incision a neurectomy is performed. When we remove mesh that was place laparoscopic or via the DaVinci robot neurectomy can be variable depending on the specific cas…[Read more]

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