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    Hello, everyone out there. I was wondering if anyone has had a non-mesh surgery/tissue repair with any of the following surgeons and your outcome and experience with them;
    Dr William Brown from Fremont , Ca
    Dr. Shirin Towfigh from Beverly Hills, CA
    Dr David Khang Nguyen Oakland, Ca ( studied with Dr David Chen out of UCLA)
    I really could use everyone’s input. I would like to know how your surgery went and would you recommend. Any experiences worth noting and how was their non mesh/tissue only repair technique.

    Thank you

    • Dr. Brown removed my hernia mesh in October of 2019. My experience had its challenges but it was well worth it and I would recommend him to anyone.

      These were my symptoms as I had logged them in 07/2019;
      lots of flank pain, groin pain, hip/leg pain. left leg goes numb, knee goes cold especially when I wear elastic or heavier clothing such as jeans or winter wear.
      difficulty sleeping at night due to groin pain and/or numbness in leg and knee (more comfortable when I sleep nude or on my right side)
      frequent urination when I’m having pain
      Testicles turn purple especially when I first wake up in the morning but color comes back after hot bath.
      Occasional Abdominal pain and swelling (hardening of the stomach)
      Occasional Constipation

      This is how I dealt with the discomfort as I logged it 07/2019;
      I take an extremely hot bath every morning to reduce flank and groin pain
      I take anti-inflamatory medication every morning to reduce inflamation. The more I can reduce the inflamation, the better I feel.
      I Sleep with a pillow between the legs applying pressure to my scrotum
      I Wear very loose clothing, usually one or two sizes too large.
      Fiber supplements

      I had my surgery to remove mesh with Dr. Brown in Fremont, CA. He opened me up and was stunned to find, not one, not two, but three individual meshes in me! Two of the products were mesh plugs, which are now rarely used because of the complications associated with them. The plugs were stuck to everything. Dr. Brown spent six hours carefully removing my mesh. The man is a saint!

      Despite his careful operation, his sutures could not hold due to the amount of damage the prior mesh had caused, so the very next day, I ended up with a bowel obstruction (this is why you stay in a hotel near him – I regretted that I didn’t). My wife called him at 2:00 am and after determining that I was too far to get to Fremont, he instructed her to take me to the nearest emergency room. I had an emergency surgery but am now on my sixth month of recovery and I feel amazing!
      So here I am, 16 years of suffering from chronic pain and age 45. I have no more chronic pain, I need no more hot baths, I have no more problems wearing jeans or slacks! Just a few weeks ago (right before coronavirus required their closing) I was at Universal Studios Florida for 5 straight days. I had no problems walking all day (except for the blisters from my shoes). It feels like a fresh start. The only challenge now is rediscovering my career. Dr. Brown is the best!.

      My surgery was on October 11th, 2019

      • meshagony,

        Thank you for taking the time to reply back to my post. With so much negative posts it is encouraging to hear from someone whom have had a good experience from a removal. I visited Dr Brown last week for a formal intake and he assessed me and as very detailed and kind. It was amazing the care he took and he took the time to explain to me the options I have. he was the first to diagnose me that my mesh had hardened up hence the pain. Im a little worried if I move forward with the removal, which he recommends what nerve damage I will have or even the risk of losing my spermartic cord. Did you have those fears? You seem to have come out ok.

        • Sorry for my delay. I have very little discomfort compared to what I had before. Maybe I have a little nerve pain but it’s not enough to worry about. I can get through my day without ever feeling uncomfortable. My spermatic cord survived, but honestly, I would have given my right nut… no pun intended. There is fear with every surgery but my discomfort prior to the surgery was enough to make me attempt with little worry. My pain was getting worst with age. Recovery has taken longer than a typical hernia surgery but again, it’s well worth it. My advice though, if you have the surgery, stay in bed the next week (even if you think you feel well enough to do stuff). I may have over-extended myself the next day. He’s a good man and he’s great at follow-up. I mean, my wife called him at 2 am and he got back immediately! You don’t find that too often.

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