• Hi Everyone,

    I’m 22 years old Male in Toronto, Canada. I had a Left Inguinal Hernia surgery repaired by mesh 3 weeks ago. However, it looks like either he missed my hernia/didn’t operate properly and my hernia is back (the same bulge I had before in the scrotum above the testes is still there after the surgery). Does anyone know any good surgeons in Toronto to treat recurrent inguinal hernia surgery ?

    Shouldice is not an option for me as they are pricey for the stay and I don’t have issues with the mesh. It seems my surgeon either missed my hernia or didn’t operate on it properly.

    • Dear Soumil
      Are you sure you have a recurrence the space that the hernia occupy sometimes fills with fluid this is reabsorbed in good time. It may take up to 3 months. It is called a seroma. I will go and see the original surgeon first as I think they have a responsibility to look at you and give you reassurance. And also testicular swelling is very typical, hernia repair I’ll just wear some tights and comfortable underwear.

      Good luck


      • Thank you for the reply. The way it feels and looks (and slight inflammation type of pain), I thought it would be a recurrence. Thank you for letting me know it can potentially be a seroma. I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday.

        Quick couple of questions for you:

        1) Does wearing tights/comfortable underwear get rid of seromas ?
        2) Do I have to worry about the seroma causing a recurrence or not letting the wound heal properly ? (these are things that I read online)

        Thanks again.

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