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  • Hello all,
    Please I need some information because I am puzzled. I will try to make long story short.
    I had more than 2 years ago pure tissue repair. Before repair I had strong pain. After repair the pain persist and somehow changed and worsened and is located inside of the area of scar and below in leg.
    Year and 2 months ago I had open revision…[Read more]

  • Hello all, I just wanted to give update and share my experience with you. After my initial post on forum I went to neurologist who gave me Lyrica for nerve pain. It didn’t worked i didn’t notice any better. Before Lyrica I tried with variety painkillers, also not working.

    I had revision surgery one year ago. Revision was not performed by the…[Read more]

  • @drbrown

    Thank you doctor for response! I know that without examination, and ultrasound can not be seen what it is. Problem is because of COVID pandemic, the hospital where I had surgery is now COVID hospital, so I can’t go for examination, but in theory, one year after surgery, can it be collection of fluid that pressure nerve that causing me…[Read more]

  • If someone could help me, I would be really appreciate
    My english is not very good, so I am trying my best to explain my problem.
    I had left hernia surgery exactly one year ago, the method of surgery was Bassini, before surgery I didn’t have any bulge or anything visible, but I had strong pain that prevents me from sleep. Immediately after…[Read more]

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