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  • Helene

    March 5, 2014 at 4:05 am

    Trying to Get A Hernia Diagnosis

    I have one other question to which I’m not sure there is a concrete answer.
    Based on my experience, I have to believe that there is a significantly large population of women that go undiagnosed or are misdiagnosed.

    My daughter’s internist believed her pain was real and kept suggesting tests. Her Gyn agreed it was real but kept ruling out Gyn and saying not me. Over the years, prior to now, ER physicians and general surgeons have said not me and diagnosed the chronic PVC pain.

    My question is how is this condition is sooo under diagnosed and sooo misunderstood? How many women are still in pain also with doctors believing their pain has no physical cause?
    How can I help raise awareness in order to help others?