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  • drtowfigh

    August 4, 2014 at 4:14 am

    Sports Hernia

    Your situation is a bit complicated, as your symptoms may be due to an inguinal or femoral hernia, yet I trust that you had a bonafide, high quality hernia repair each time.

    Here are some thoughts:
    – is it possible you have had a femoral hernia that has been missed with both operations? Read your operative report from the laparoscopy to see if your surgeon looked for and confirmed/denied the presence of a femoral hernia.
    – not sure what to make of the sports hernia diagnosis. This term is often misused. A true sports hernia doesn’t occur in most women, unless you’re a bodybuilder or professional athlete. It is a tear where the muscle actually pulls off a piece of bone/periosteum. You may have had a tear in your rectus muscle, but that would typically require some sort of trauma and it is not a true hernia. They usually heal without an operation. What second operation was actually performed?

    My gut feeling says you have a missed femoral hernia/inguinal hernia recurrence. That would be an easy fix. Alternatively, if it’s a pure nerve issue, your story does not fit, because it would not be similar to your preoperative pain.

    I would recommend imaging of the pelvis (MRI pelvis soft tissue with Valsalva) and evaluation of your operative reports as part of the detective work to see exactly what was seen and what was done.