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  • RJ

    February 5, 2015 at 6:55 pm


    Hi Kathleen,

    First off, I’m not a doctor nor a medical professional, and I’m also not a female, so none of this may be relevant to you or even helpful. Anyway, from some personal experience and hernia research, I have learned the following:

    * Hernias are commonly missed during a standard physical exam or standard imaging protocol

    * Hernias are often only found with provocation during imaging, like Ultrasound, provocation as in performing a valsava maneuver (taking deep breath and straining down)

    * Apparently an MRI of pelvis with Valsava can sometimes image or discover a pathology that may be otherwise impossible to see – I personally am going to have this test soon and will report back anything notable

    * Even if a hernia is found, it may not explain the experience

    If you have not had a pelvic / abdominal ultrasound with valsava to try and image regional hernias then I would request one from a doctor. The ultrasound test is quite fast and could at least rule something out.

    Also, knowing what triggers and worsens, as well as relieves, your discomfort / pain can be helpful for doctors. For example, if pain resolves with laying down, worsens with picking up heavy stuff, if NSAIDs help, etc

    Best of luck, keep us updated on your pursuit and findings