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Sorry to hear about your circumstance. A complete sin I think how your surgeon gave you what seems is a runaround. Telling you your pain was impossible precluded any redress. Probably a ruse to cover his incompetence. I hope you get your justice.

Interestingly, Johnson & Johnson was pointed out by a general surgeon I spoke with as if I should be assured about the mesh he used for his surgeries. Scary that such doctors would apparently be so naive.

This case of J&J is just the tip of the iceberg not only because of such court cases but also negotiated settlements made by manufacturers to avoid the court, such as with C. R. Bard’s settlement of $184 million made in 2011. Given the potential long-term risks of mesh and the millions of surgeries made each year, we are sure to hear more and more of these litigations. If you haven’t sought legal counsel, you should in case you qualify for one of the many class action suits I suppose are already brewing.

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