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Thanks for your good notes [USER=”2804″]pinto[/USER] !

I haven’t had my operation for inguinal hernia on both sides yet but I went to 3 doctors and they are happy to use mesh with me, when I asked about the consequences they say it is really rare something wrong happens however if you accept you must sign some documents confirming you know the complications and then you can not take any legal actions, and they can continue using mesh.

On note aside, it seems the medical field have changed drastically during the couple of years, before we were patients and they really cared about us but now we are just money for them, doctors now only want to save time and money, they also receive some gifts or money from the mesh manufacturers.

Now the problem is that no-mesh repairs are no taught anymore in college, I also heard the problem with no-mesh repair is the high risk of recurrence.

Hopefully one day new studies or solution will come to all of us (herniators)

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