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Good intentions

I know how hard it is to sit and focus and do research when you have mesh-based chronic pain but if you read through many of the old topics you’ll find that “finding nothing” is very common. The cause of the discomfort and pain from mesh products is so broad and dispersed that it does not show clearly on any physical diagnostic technique.

Most of us who have had mesh removed have just had to go on our own confidence that it is the mesh itself that is the problem, combined with our surgeons’ experience with patients who have had their mesh removed. The mesh can be perfectly placed, intact, and not contacting any specific sensitive structures and still cause inflammation that causes discomfort and pain. It is excellent for the device makers, with no evidence of fault, but terrible for the doctors and patients who have to figure things out on their own.

In short, don’t think that you will find a specific cause for your pain. Pain for no visible reason is not uncommon with mesh implantation. It’s the material itself and everywhere it contacts the body that is the source of the discomfort and pain.

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