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  • integratedbodyworker6

    May 6, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    Post Op Problems From Inguinal Hernia Repair

    Hernia surgery was Nov. 19, 2014. Pain started about 2 months after surgery and started increasing. Saw physical therapist about 10 weeks after surgery for muscle spasms in adductors and area around surgery site. I have her report and biofeedback of muscle activity. My pain only slightly reduced.
    Dr indicated tacks were around mesh (made half-moon sign with his finger). And also attached at lower abdomen. He did not indicate how many he used. I saw some of them when he showed me CT Scan on computer 2 weeks ago. There were 2 that stood out to me because they were very shiny and in area where I experience stabbing pain.
    The dr described “pouching” as an extended stomach due to thin, stretched tissues in women who have had several children. I had 4. And as women age stomachs become extended. He said this was probably pulling on my sides and back and creating pain.
    I DID NOT have pain before surgery. Nor was I having the tendency to “push out” abdomen prior to surgery. I was healthy, pain free and in good enough physical condition to do a tri-atheLITE. He had no comment.