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  • Helene

    May 8, 2015 at 3:26 pm

    Trying to Get A Hernia Diagnosis

    I’m confused now. We saw the surgeon yesterday. She said she definitely felt something but wasn’t sure if surgery was warranted. We were able to get a dynamic ultrasound by an Interventional Radiologist (the same one we have used in the past). Her finding was that there is no signs of a hernia.
    So now, I have the Internist who said Hernia, the Surgeon who said something is there but not sure if surgery is necessary and the US that said no Hernia.
    In the meantime, my daughter is not in pain but definitely has so me discomfort. Additionally, straining to make a bowel movement is difficult.

    What is your opinion in terms of next steps I should pursue or is it a wait and see if things become worse. I hate having her uncomfortable and also afraid of what will happen next.

    Thank you in advance.