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  • sandiego

    September 3, 2015 at 3:37 am

    Spigelian hernia?

    I requested Kaiser to take a second look at the MRI.

    The original radiologist and another one both said no spigelian hernias were found. I really am very surprised as to me the images seem like the transverse muscle appears like a hernia to me but I am not a radiologist! 😆

    My Dr has however referred me to a general surgeon and I have asked for an ultrasound with “valsalva” and hope they will do this test and and a hernia exam. The problem is although I feel the bulging all the time it rarely shows a bulge .

    Sometimes when I lay down it bulges out breifly for seconds and then its gone but never at the Doctors office.One time it did not reduce for several minutes but only once that happened.

    Anything I should know/do or request for the appointment ?