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  • marcello71

    January 19, 2016 at 5:33 pm

    parietex progrip removal, an exercise in futility?

    Thankyou for the help and guidance Dr Towfigh & Dr Earle, this website is truly a godsend to lost patients. In regard to the 2 surgeons mentioned, I have met with Dr goldblatt and he is a great, truly understanding & very competent surgeon however he’s never performed a laparoscopic mesh removal before unless for infection. I don’t believe Dr greenberg has either, unless infected ofcourse which is totally different. I am willing to have to drive atleast a few states distance for this, I just don’t know if flying across the country is an option for me at this point. I guess I really just need a surgeon who’s done atleast 10 of these & is located atleast in the Midwest hopefully(>14 hrs driving distance). What I’m wondering is, can any surgeon get all of the mesh out? It seems most just leave pieces behind where they’re hardest to get at but where they’re also causing most symptoms for the patient. So then would leaving pieces over the triangle of doom while removing mesh from all areas around it even help anything? They might as well call it the Bermuda Triangle of Doom for how few surgeons are willing to venture there…