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  • Momof4

    April 9, 2016 at 1:26 pm

    Inguinal Mesh Removal

    Small world, I have a son at VT! Sounds like you have been traveling for help like I have. I really had high hopes when I went to Charlotte too. I think Dr. Heniford refers patients to Dr. B that triple neurectomy will possibly help. That ended up not being the case for me. I only had short term relief, and never total relief, from nerve block injections. I also have pain radiating around hip and back and pain in inner thigh. I have pain with a lot of the same movements, as well. I am seeing a spine specialist in Annapolis in 2 weeks to rule out/in my back as part of the continued pain. I had an MRI of my spine that didn’t show much, I believe incidental findings for a 50 year old woman. After that, I will travel to the west coast for a second opinion, under the advice of Dr. B, about mesh as the cause of my pain. I really hope you get the relief you are looking for. This pain can be debilitating and very frustrating. I will not give up and am so happy that these doctors/ experts are still willing to help.