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  • Watchful

    December 7, 2022 at 10:23 am

    William Bryant,

    Thanks for the wishes for continued recovery. The pain isn’t currently debilitating like it was for the first couple of days after surgery, but I still get the same pain after certain activities, just in a milder form. It has been improving over time, but there are some setbacks. For example, last evening after I went for a walk it was worse than during the couple of days before that. Interestingly, it feels a lot like the hernia pain I used to get when the hernia came out, just worse than the hernia pain.

    I let the surgeon choose what to do. He didn’t cut the cremaster in my case.

    The food was far from the top of my list of things to be concerned about, but it was excellent while I was there.

    See below for the reasons for my choice.