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  • Alan

    December 8, 2022 at 3:07 am

    Once the local wore off I was in a lot of pain, I’ve never had any surgery before so can’t compare but it was an 8\10 for me the first night (I refused a pain killer injection shortly after thinking I was ok), second day\night there was no pain at all when in bed.

    My pain is significantly better now, I’ve been moving about the house fairly easily and can stand upright without pain. I do have pain on the right side when standing for more than a few minutes which I’m hoping will improve – it’s still very swollen down there.

    I had two direct and an indirect so Dr Kang said the pain was expected (Apparently direct hernias cause more pain than indirect when repaired).

    I was the only patient that seemed to be in pain, everyone else was wondering about hours after surgery (some very elderly gentlemen with low mobility). A few left the same day and a few like me stayed overnight. I needed a wheelchair to get to the reception and crutches to get back to the hotel.