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Alan, the pain you mention when standing up for more than a few minutes is very familiar, and also your experience with being the only patient around with this pain.

I also still have that problem, although much improved compared to what it was initially. It’s interesting that Dr. Kang said that your pain is expected. Did he explain what causes it specifically? My surgeon said my pain was unheard of and was thinking about issues with the surgery (like nerve impingement) which seriously freaked me out, and this still worries me.

If I was told this is rare, but known and goes away eventually, I wouldn’t be so worried. I hope it’s just caused by swelling which is pressing on something, and this will go away when the swelling goes away, or maybe caused by some other tissue damage from dissection and stitching that will heal completely with time. These tissue repairs are certainly not as benign as I thought they were, but the alternatives don’t seem to be great either.

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