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  • Good intentions

    December 18, 2022 at 11:18 am

    I don’t think that laparoscopic removal of mesh should damage a Shouldice repair. The laparoscopic procedures would be on the other side of the abdominal wall, the inside. The peritoneum would be pulled back and the mesh peeled off of the abdominal wall and critical vessels and nerves. The Shouldice repair should be untouched.

    You really should try to get your medical records. There is a wide variety of laparoscopic repair methods. For example, one advantage of TAPP over TEP is that TEP avoids contact with the intestines, and also minimizes the chance of adhesions. If you had a TAPP repair it might help explain why you’re having problems. “Lap with mesh” really means very little.

    Also, “robotic” is still laparoscopic. The instruments are just mechanized. But they move in the same spaces and do the same things. There is a powerful effort to promote robotic methods, around the world. It’s the latest new “tech”. But there is little evidence that robotics are better than a skilled surgeon using hand tools. You can find many publications on the subject.

    Dr. Iacco did a residency at Beaumont but is now in Michigan.