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  • PeterC

    December 27, 2022 at 7:12 am

    Hi Dr. Towfigh,

    I have not been offered a plan of care by anyone. Dr. Zoland just said he doesn’t even see what Dr. Brown did wrong and stopped there. Dr. Yunis said what happened to me is an abomination but also did not know how to help me and did not offer a plan of care.

    Dr. Meyers did not exactly provide a plan of care he just wants to do his surgery where he detaches the rectus and reattaches it and cuts into the adductor tendons – which he does to every patient. He is not addressing the serious issues I have since Dr. Brown’s surgery and the last patient that went from Dr. Brown’s surgery to Meyers is now on disability.

    Finally Dr. Krpata did not offer a plan of care. He just said “I can do exploratory surgery and you’ll lose a testicle”. This is not exactly a plan of care and I’m not very keen on losing a testicle nor being cut into with no plan when I had no testicle issues at any point throughout my journey.

    So unless I’m missing something there is no plan of care here. I wish Dr. Yunis knew what to do because he was by far the only doctor who seemed to genuinely care about my well-being.

    There was another Doctor in the U.S who operated on an olympic athlete for a sports hernia and the person had said great things about him I just cannot seem to remember his name so I’ll try to find him.

    Nevertheless I appreciate your reply Dr. Towfigh and I’ll keep on trying to find help as long as I can.