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  • ajm222

    January 9, 2023 at 2:29 pm

    Thanks, GI. It’s definitely internal. No issues or discomfort on the surface. It gives me kind of a squishy feeling inside, and I can actually kind of feel the fat or whatever that’s in that pocket moving around a little when I move. Unfortunately, while I imagine I will continue to improve in a number of other ways over time, in the same way I’ve improved over the last two years, I think that this particular issue, since it’s very similar to a true hernia, won’t get better, assuming it’s indeed a result of a laxity or whatever in the abdominal wall. Again, Dr. B did say there’s a chance that unlike a full hernia it won’t actually continue to grow and get worse. But I suspect over many years it’ll probably continue to get a little larger and more problematic, just based on what I’ve seen the last few months. Maybe there’s a point though where it’ll reach some sort of stability (if it hasn’t already).