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@cerebralsuccour What Dr. Brown did to me can indeed be interpreted as a hernia surgery its the same area and similar technique despite having no bulge or hernia. One might even argue that what he did would’ve been better suited to treat a really unathletic older person with a big hernia not an athlete. The reason I don’t know what doctor to go to is because he bilaterally destroyed my inguinal canal by opening the external oblique aponeurosis through the entirety of the length of the canal, then cut laterally to create flaps which means he effectively destroyed the structural integrity of my abdominal wall and released the external oblique aponeurosis from its lateral attachment (the inguinal ligament) completely.

The dramatic weakness I have is because of this. From a structural point of view its the equivalent of someone cutting my achille’s tendon in half and then trying to attach the upper piece (still attached to my calf muscle) onto my heel and the part that originates from the heel under that. It would cause catastrophic structural weakness to my leg and I probably would not be able to walk anymore as its origin would no longer be connected to the rest of the tissue and by extension the calf muscle.

So what I need is someone to undo what he did and quite literally put my external oblique aponeurosis back in 1 piece which is actual reconstruction of the abdominal wall. But I am afraid the damage and the weakness has been done and I’m looking for a miracle that doesn’t exist which is why none of these doctors know what how to do it and why I’m asking if perhaps I am now in the realm of needing a plastic surgeon or something similar. Its damage beyond anything any of them have ever seen. Its stupid beyond words and was completely unnecessary.

I’ll check out all the doctors you mentioned but quite frankly I have given up of ever feeling normal or healthy again a long time ago. I appreciate your time and the suggestions and If I ever get anywhere I’ll be sure to drop you an update.

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