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Good intentions

Chuck, I have written quite a bit on the forum about the recovery from mesh removal. I don’t have any strength issues. Over the years the only thing holding me back had been the knowledge that I would be sore for a few days after extended activities. Instead of hiking five miles I would only hike two, for example. Plus there was some concern about recurrence but my view is that I will just live the life I want and if I get a recurrence I’ll deal with it.

In addition, because of the stiff bulging belly left behind, certain clothes were uncomfortable. And certain motions, like working with my arms extended overhead, caused soreness in the lower abdomen. It has taken quite a while to loosen up.

Otherwise, especially when I was getting a home ready to sell and needed to do lots of lifting and moving for long periods of time, I was fully functional. I just spent more time being sore.

I also did quite a bit of physical work with the mesh implanted, over the course of a year, and I could feel that damage was happening, internal wear and tear, that eventually led to other specific physical manifestations that I’ve also written about. The more active I was the worse it got. Removing the mesh was the only possible solution for me so I have no second thoughts about it. If I have future problems, I will take appropriate actions.

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