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  • Watchful

    January 20, 2023 at 1:25 pm

    I talked to him more than a year ago. He was pleasant, and even humble enough to say that the best place to go for a Shouldice procedure is the Shouldice Hospital, even though he was able and willing to do it. Also, he said that tissue repair would be his preference on a “virgin abdomen”, so he definitely had a favorable view of tissue repair. I ended up not going to him because of a number of reasons: he himself thought it would be better to go to Shouldice, he hadn’t done a very large number of these, I wasn’t sure if he would end up doing Shouldice or Desarda or even mesh, and I didn’t get a clear understanding of what he was doing for anesthesia. I don’t know if he changed or not since then.

    People and organizations can and do change, of course. Also, on-line reviews can be misleading because many patients prefer not to leave bad reviews. I remember that Dr. Brown used to be considered good to deal with, and he had mostly good reviews. However, when I met with him when he was close to retirement, he seemed very impatient and almost scary.