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  • Watchful

    January 23, 2023 at 8:36 pm


    Right, I think back then when you were researching it they were indeed cutting the cremaster completely, cutting the genital nerve, and using steel sutures. This changed more recently as I mentioned before.

    I selected the surgeon based on experience and reviews. Hall, Slater, and Simmons have many years of experience performing this procedure, and they get mostly good reviews. Netto is pretty junior actually – he has been doing this for only 3-4 years. The best surgeon there in recent times was Alexander, but he retired during the pandemic. Another great one was Degani, but he is mostly retired now, and really old (in his 80s I believe).

    The place is not what it used to be, unfortunately. Shouldice who used to monitor things closely passed away, and the other big names who kept the strict tradition there retired or passed away. They now diverged in how they do the procedure, there are a number of young part timers there, etc. Also, the property was sold for redevelopment recently, and it’s not clear what will happen to this hospital.