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  • PeterC

    January 25, 2023 at 7:38 am

    I cannot take these studies seriously. There’s a guy on here that had a bilateral triple neurectomy and his life was literally ruined. That 1 person should be where the practice ends. Its like they are desperately trying to find something that will match their own bias to justify cutting people’s nerves.

    Cutting nerves is not treatment its a band-aid solution and a lazy one. The nerves are signaling pain because something isn’t right and is flaring them up. The real effort should be going into finding the cause of the nerve flaring up, not removing the signal (nerve) that something is wrong. I’m not saying its easy but that’s where the efforts should be. I use the car analogy all the time but its the same thing. If your “check engine” light goes up on your car you don’t remove the check engine light and then keep driving. You do a deep analysis of why the check engine light is on until you find the issue.