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@gohaiga Absolutely I agree there are cases where its called for. I’m mainly referring to neurectomy as part of the initial procedure for patients which I think is never justified and is absurd. The fact that they started incorporating neurectomies as a standard in certain procedures to “diminish post-op pain” is a big red flag. It feels like they came up with a lousy solution instead of taking a hard look at themselves as to why they were getting patients with nerve pain after their first surgery.

Additionally all pain in the body is nerve pain. Just because you have pain it doesn’t mean the nerve is damaged. Again they don’t seem to care to differentiate. The patient has pain – they are unable or unwilling to properly investigate and just decide to cut off the nerve. This would be fine if those nerves didn’t have motor functions but they do and on top of that the patient still has whatever injury/tear/issue caused the nerve to get irritated in the first place.

I’ll give you an example. I was in a facebook group and someone said that their husband had groin pain near the rectus insertion and most likely had injured himself in the form of an athletic pubalgia where there is a tear of the rectus insertion to the pubic bone whether it is micro-tearing that is not visible on imaging or a partial/complete tear. Shortly after he developed intermittent pain near that site & his bladder causing him to go urinate more frequently and pain when urinating. The doctors said “the pain/irritation is coming from your pudendal nerve” which is true. The nerve was being irritated but it didn’t necessarily mean the nerve was injured. The nerve can be producing symptoms without injury and need for removal here. 80% of doctors would have advised something along the lines of removing the nerve because they only look at the symptom and how to stop it.

The thing is there is a very clear cause & effect here. Instead he got his rectus reattached to the pubic bone (which is where his injury had occurred), balance through his core & pelvic floor was restored and the nerve irritation stopped and never manifested again.

This is just one example where he was lucky enough that he did not listen to lazy doctors immediately jumping to extremes and instead got the injury addressed and once balanced was restored the symptoms stopped.

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