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  • Good intentions

    January 31, 2023 at 9:07 am

    Don’t let one person ruin your experience on an internet forum. Whether it’s me, or Herniated, or Pinto. The internet is a strange place where it is very difficult at times to “not look”.

    On other forums that I am member of there is an “Ignore” function that can be chosen that will hide all posts from certain members so that you don’t have to read them. This forum, at the moment, does not seem to have that function.

    In the meantime, if we don’t like what somebody is writing we just have to put the effort in to do it ourselves and not look. There is no obligation to respond to every post.

    As far as alephy’s comments, I thought that they were reasonable. There is just a difference of opinion, I think, on the inflammatory nature of the word “Nuremberg” and its association with Hitler and the Nazi’s. It might not mean as much there as it does here in the USA. A cultural difference.

    Pinto made his point early on and now is just defending his opinion. But there is really no constructive path forward. The points have been made. People’s positions have been established. There’s not much value in writing more words.