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William Bryant

I never fully understand all these studies but to me it sounds as though they taught Desarda tissue repair to a number of surgeons which is a big step, I wish we taught tissue repair in the UK.

I also think it says recovery from initial pain was slower in Desarda group. This is the impression I have of tissue repairs in general and I’m sure it’s what Alan and watchful suffered.

It’s a bit ambiguous if, of the two people with persistent pain after Desarda, 1 had pre existing arthrosis or if this person was a 3rd.

Strangely a consultant I saw in UK and does tissue repair was a bit dismissive of chronic pain and said the patient may have had existing conditions like arthritis!

It’s encouraging that there is some acceptance of mesh causing chronic pain and tissue being an alternative!

By the way with mesh and chronic pain the mesh can be removed… What remedial steps can there be after a tissue repair?

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