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  • Good intentions

    February 2, 2023 at 10:16 am

    It looks like the issue of Hernia dedicated to chronic pain is about to be released or has been already. Dr. Campanelli has written an introductory Editorial. It kind of fits with the times, he comes very close to using the popular word “woke”. He implies that the chronic pain problem is amplified by patients being too aware and too demanding. He even uses the word “completely” as if 20 years ago is an incomprehensible amount of time. People were “different” back then. Tougher or more ignorant maybe. A little bit disappointing in that it is a form of giving up.

    So, just like many of today’s huge issues this one will continue as part of the fabric of today’s modern society.

    Published: 02 February 2023
    Primary inguinal hernia, postoperative chronic pain and quality of life
    G. Campanelli
    Hernia (2023)”

    “It is also true that the perception of postoperative symptoms has changed completely compared with the past: today’s “self-awareness”, prioritisation of quality of life, and “demand” for perfect results have led to a situation in which postoperative symptoms tend to be overestimated compared with before.

    Nevertheless, the possibility of postoperative pain should not be underestimated, and we should indeed strive to generate more correct data, both on surgical indications and “surgical” prevention of this pain, and on the adoption of an integrated approach to these situations.”