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Good intentions

Here are a couple more articles. Looks like some will be pay-per-view and some will be open access.

So far, nothing very useful seems to be coming from these articles. It might be why Dr. Campanelli was so resigned and dismissive in his last editorial. There are no paths to improvement being created, and the papers just seem to accentuate the chaos. But each one identifies CPIP as a real problem.

This one says that TEP, Dr. Towfigh’s favored method, has an 11.9% CPIP rate. Overall, the paper just compares four ways to use mesh. The results are from 2011 to 2021, from a French hernia registry, the French Hernia Registry.

After PS matching analysis, Lichtenstein group showed disadvantage over TIPP, TAPP and TEP groups with significantly more CPIP at one year (15.2% vs 9.6%, p < 0.0001; 15.9% vs. 10.0%, p < 0.0001 and 16.1% vs. 12.4%, p = 0.002, respectively). The 1-year CPIP rates were similar comparing TIPP versus TAPP and TEP groups (9.3% vs 10.5%, p = 0.19 and 9.8% vs 11.8%, p = 0.05, respectively). There was significantly less CPIP rate after TAPP versus TEP repair (1.00% vs 11.9%, p = 0.02).”

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