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    February 9, 2023 at 6:46 pm

    I had pure tissue repair with Dr. Brown before he retired. Part of the protocol with Dr. Brown was taking a recommendation of vitamins and herbs before and after the surgery. If memory serves me right Dr. Brown credited Dr. Towfigh with her expertise and knowledge regarding including these herbs and vitamins. Dr. Brown did an excellent job of repairing my inguinal hernia and I never once had to take any pain medication. I was almost completely pain free from the beginning and released to drive my car back home shortly after. I can’t see why, with limited exceptions, anyone would opt for anything other than a pure tissue repair. And on a side note I personally do not consider Shouldice a “pure tissue” repair, a no mesh repair yes. Since Shouldice uses permanent stainless steel sutures I don’t consider it pure tissue. Dr. Brown used dissolvable sutures. Since I don’t come on here very often I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Good Intentions for his positive work of researching and support for this forum. His efforts and dedication to enlightening others is truly a shining light in the darkness.