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    February 9, 2023 at 9:53 pm

    ajm222 I remember Dr. Brown saying the sutures would dissolve. That was about three years ago. I’m almost seventy years old now. People at the gym think I’m in my fifties. I lift weights and exercise six days a week while working a full time job. On Sunday I walk for about an hour. It’s good to take it easy one day a week. Dr. Brown gave me my life back. I wasn’t going to get a mesh repair and Dr. Brown was strictly a no mesh surgeon. If I could give any advice I would say what worked for me was to ask a power greater than myself for what I wanted. Then I just did the footwork. Over thinking it (“paralysis by analysis”) has turned into trouble for me in the past. As you hear many posters here lament about how they had figured this mesh, or that surgeon, or this or that was the answer only to end up in regret attests to that. All the best to you ajm222