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David M

William, I haven’t had surgery yet. I guess I’m more or less in the same boat as you with my indecision.

I’m gonna reread the posts by Dr Kang, but I doubt I’ll go that direction. As honest as he sounds, I still would like to have more outside verification of the trustworthiness of his method.

I’ll probably rule out lap surgery. Calling it minimally invasive seems like a misnomer. Gall bladder lap surgery always sounded minimally invasive, because the opening sounds less invasive and nothing stays in. But with mesh, the mesh itself is the invasion of the tissues and scars up the the things it touches. Plus, I’ve had a heart attach and also have an irregular heart beat with some normalish bradycardia. I’m not in bad health,really, but those facts make me worry about the general anesthesia. Also, I’m trying to stay on the thin side and and have some worry about noticing the internal mesh due to that.

I would be leaning to the shouldice, but my hernia is probably direct and probably larger than normal. Makes me question my tissue strength. I also have some reluctance to have the cremaster dissected if it doesn’t appear that I have an indirect, as well. These two facts limit my willingness and accessibility to choose that.

Alas, I want to get it right and there is no path that I feel confident with.

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