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  • PeterC

    February 13, 2023 at 6:51 am

    Going to chime in on some elements of this conversation.

    @GoodIntentions I dont know why I cant tag you but that person you tried referring to – the dog trainer or whatever that kept vouching for Dr. Brown on this website for years and had his sketchy testimonial website/story up – I’m almost certain that person does not exist and his persona was operated by Dr. Brown and/or his staff. AJM you should not use his testimonial for any decision making or indication of how you will do. Literally ignore everything associated with Dr. Brown.

    As far as the sutures conversation goes – Dr. Brown assured me he would not use permanent sutures inside of me the day before surgery then proceeded to use Silk Sutures which are said to be permanent if you look it up on google. Through my consultations in the past 2 years I have been told specifically by Dr. Krpata that there is no such thing as a permanent suture (I guess besides metal ones that Shouldice uses) they all eventually dissolve. The silk suture dissolves over a longer period of time and cause more scar tissue to build apparently. I’ve had silk sutures put in by Dr. Brown to suture the conjoint tendon to the shelving portion of the inguinal ligament and every day it feels like I’m walking with rope/barbed wire in that section. It permanently hurts and feels extremely uncomfortable. I do think the sutures are dissolved and the pain comes from scar tissue buildup where the sutures were.

    Ajm you are sort of familiar with my story – whatever you do do not let anyone modify your anatomy or create flaps out of tissues. It is not possible to do so without causing a lifetime of impairment and issues and anyone who says otherwise has no idea how the human body works and all of the different forces in play in your abdominal tissues. Everything has a role, its one cohesive unit under tension not independent elements that can be altered without issues.

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