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Good intentions

I hope you don’t mind ajm22 if I add a couple more articles about nerves to your Topic.

Here is a recent one that addresses specific nerves. And also an older one from Dr. Bendavid that addresses the general nerve environment. It’s interesting to contrast the two perspectives. Today’s hernia repair surgeons are trying to find a way to not create chronic pain by avoiding specific nerves, assuming that it’s the nerves that they can see that cause the pain. But Dr. Bendavid’s work proposes that the generally unhealthy environment of the tissue in vicinity of the mesh, in to which new nerves grow, can cause pain.

My chronic pain was both specific, a sharp pain where the original direct hernia was, and non-specific, a general feeling of discomfort and/or pain over the whole of the area in contact with mesh. Most surgeons have problems understanding the second scenario. They will talk about nerves regenerating but don’t seem to really think deeply about what that could mean.

Dr. Bendavid’s work, with co-authors. Dr. Koch is one of them. In HTML and pdf format.

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