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  • ajm222

    February 26, 2023 at 7:55 am

    Thanks again. Seems others had a similar experience and saw relief after several weeks. It’s hard to imagine walking around with this thing for another month or two but if the long term picture is good, I’ll survive. Shouldice and other experts seem to suggest that just waiting for the body to reabsorb them is best as draining them is risking infection.

    My biggest worry is that it might somehow compromise the repair, but it doesn’t seem like that typically happens for whatever reason. Maybe it even puts some useful pressure on the stitches, keeping them secure. Ha, probably not.

    I’ve been regularly using a heating pad per doctor’s instructions and keeping up with the pain meds for their anti-inflammatory impact. I also probably need to start moving around more. The pressure at night sometimes makes things uncomfortable and difficult to sleep, but otherwise it’s mostly just an annoyance.