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  • Good intentions

    February 26, 2023 at 11:58 am

    Your whole situation seems very normal. The Progrip mesh has an absorbable component so there will be more change over time. Many people feel like they can feel the mesh inside after surgery.

    I hate to say it but there is nothing that is commonly done for issues like yours. Most imaging methods cannot “see” the mesh or the people looking at the images don’t know what they’re looking at so there is no way to tell if the mesh has folded or moved.

    Your surgeon has already told you to wait at least six weeks and you’re only four weeks out. You don’t have pain, just numbness and some internal irritation. It is almost certain that at your next meeting the surgeon will tell you to wait longer and see how things resolve. The standard protocol today if patients complain of pain is to refer them to pain management. There is no surgical procedure for re-adjusting the mesh if you feel like it is folded or has moved.

    Ultimately it will be up to you to decide whether or not to persist in trying to make things better. Pain can be managed with pharmaceuticals but numbness just requires time and waiting for the body to respond.

    But, it is still very early. At four weeks you should be okay with walking and light exercise. I found that sometimes more activity was better than rest to make things feel better. If you are just resting and taking medication you might think about getting out and about more and seeing what happens. Keeping a log of activities and their effects can help also, as you try to get back to normal.