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Good intentions

8 x 8 cm is about 3 x 3 inches. It might be that what you’re feeling is the edge of the bottom of the mesh, as far as the stabbing needles effect. Maybe not stabbing but the edges pulling away or being stressed. The mesh ends up stiffer than the surrounding tissue as the fibers become encapsulated by tissue, so the edges of the mesh become what would be called stress riser areas, in engineering terms. The soft tissue around it stretches but the mesh/tissue composite does not.

Anyway, ten weeks is not really strong enough for the tissue around the mesh to reach full strength. Study up on tissue healing and you might get some ideas about how to work your way back to your old routines. Surgeons are not really experts on things like the biology of tissue healing. They put the mesh in as it’s recommended then it’s up to the patient and others to handle the rest.

Here is a pretty good article about tissue healing. Its focus is more toward the surface, the skin, but the principles of collagen formation are the same I think.,and%20fibers%20are%20being%20reorganized.

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