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  • Good intentions

    March 11, 2023 at 5:10 am

    Thanks for the reply Dr. Towfigh. My comment about returning to the pre-mesh state by removing mesh was not about the benefits of mesh removal. It was about the irreversible damage of mesh implantation. Most of my posts are about why things are the way they are now, corporate influence, etc., and about preventing or avoiding the problems rather than believing that more surgeries or “pain management” is a reasonable response to problems.

    This might feel offensive but I think that you are so deep in to the use of mesh for hernia repair, and modern surgical technology, that your natural inclination in your replies is to defend the status quo. Most of your replies seem to do that.

    My original post was just restating, almost verbatim, what the presenter shows in his video, and adding a comment about what he did not state but which seems clear. Longer procedure time (under anesthesia), and higher equipment costs. The actual value of robotics technology is a hot topic today, there are many publications about it.

    I did not mention Intuitive Surgical in my post, or you specifically, except as a co-author of the work presented in the video.