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@ajm222, excellent, excellent post. Granted as you suggest it is impressionistic but it is all we can do as a patient. You make a well-reasoned proposal for the state of affairs in mesh. Let me add the previous posts I made pointing out some surgeons have publicly acknowledged that some fellow surgeons in the field have been irresponsible about post-op complications. That is an important first step by recognizing a problem. Bravo, your post.

@Good intentions, you are fortunate that Dr. T. is gracious for not putting you in your place. True, the good doctor might be so ensconced in her practice/approach she might miss the full import of competing views. Hmm, are there any dedicated professionals that could elude that characterization? How about you? Are you so balanced that you are able to view the field dispassionately? Not. You sometimes misread medical reports egregiously but refuse to recognize it like the time you reported how a routine hernia operation turned into a loss of a leg. You missed that the guy had ten operations worth of scar tissue making it an extraordinary medical challenge–exactly why the surgeon could make a public “confession” about it as he did!

@Chuck is not far off in voicing similar concern. Both of you have been through hell medically and so share commonality in opposition to mesh. Further don’t butt into people’s personal affairs not your own as when you PMed me. You see, it shows how extreme your personal campaign against mess has taken you. Your criticism of Dr. T mirrors bias you have in the opposite direction!

I was disappointed, GI, that you couldn’t see some way around the security concern when Chuck appealed to you for personal help. He was in dire straights. Apart from a personal phone call wasn’t there some other way to connect outside of HT? Chuck, if you surmise correctly about GI’s medical status, then he, as many might be, reluctant to connect personally. I’m just happy that both of you are on roads to recovery. Ironically mesh injury can strike again in making our human relations difficult. I’m glad that both of you are mending in that way as well.

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