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Watchful…thanks so much. This insight is simply impossible to find short of flying to see all these surgeons personally. You really should start a website and consult….your information is life changing valuable. I know i would have paid whatever you asked for a consult. I really screwed up. I should have treated my hernia immediately while it was small….it was indirect…not really sure how large…but by the time i was fixing it nearly 5 years later…it was descending into my testicle. Dr B says he has never seen an indirect come back after mesh removal…but our friend AJM’s hernia returned promptly after Dr B removal…and i think Jonahs the same after dr B removal….so Dr B maybe isnt honest either? That’s interesting about Conze and the Desarda. I had not heard that and read about 1 million posts from patients who had desarda repairs but it makes complete sense. I don’t trust any of these doctors anymore. If I recur I still don’t know what to do. Kang has confidently said he can repair any hernia. He says he has fixed hernias the size of a Baby’s head…and he really seems like a caring genuine fellow….but my experience is that virtually all these doctors lie –so i still don’t know what to think…and the fact that a brilliant researcher like yourself still couldnt figure out the way to get fixed is truly terrifying. After mesh removal my options are limited. Belyanksky said he could do a tissue repair…but he is simply not a tissue guy. Kang is doing 12 tissue surgeries per day–he seems to be the guy to see. I saw lots of people online complaining about their shouldice repairs…mostly on Facebook—healing times were silly long…some saying they still had serious pain three years later. Never mind that shouldice is very suture heavy…many surgeons cut the cremaster etc. I cant help but wonder if a very simple open mesh surgery isnt the best surgery overall…some guys on the natural hernia cure board were told lap wouldnt work because their hernias were so large…so they defaulted to open mesh and had no issues whatsoever. All these lap surgeons will tell you that open mesh has tons of complications….but nearly every idiot i know just went in had open mesh…and i am talking about 15 guys…all had no issues whatsoever…they had pain for a week max and then were completely fine. I wonder if we didn’t make the mistake of really digging in here and listening to all these corrupt surgeons who were skewing the facts and research to get us to select them…I did Lap because Yunis said the complication rate was silly low…and all the lap surgeons i said said the same….when i asked about tissue repairs they all said…oh painful invasive weak yada yada….so if you were me knowing what you know about my case—would you still see conze? He would likely try a shouldice which even kang says is just too invasive —or would you risk Kang? Kang is basically bootleggin a marcy repair..and changing it in some mysterious ways…I wish there was some way to get some clarity. I never that that a simple hernia might affect me daily for the rest of my life.

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